workspace and to do lists…

i dont know how many of you live in your workspace but its kinda hard to maintain focus when you wake up and get dressed in the same place you work. its pretty hard to get anything done at times.

about 3 weeks ago i developed a weekly schedule that i adhered to for one week. in my defense my laptop is having charger troubles (but im typing this on the old one…hmm) and i threw myself off by goin to the inaugaration (why is that shit so hard to spell!?!?) but my at the end of the day it all falls under one of my self made mantra’s ‘an excuse is just an excuse’

today im doin a bit of lighting round modification to that schedule. i have a stack of papers that i been meaning to sort thru all month, personal affairs shit and im tackling that today. i have growing list of clerical rap work that ive been slightly avoiding and i also have an ever growing list of collaboration obligations. not to mention my solo album… the odd part is i been gettin shit done for the most part, i just got alot of OTHER shit to get done.

okay lemme go see if i can live up to putting myself on blast with this blog entry. i need an assistant, anybody wanna pitch in? (im as serious as you are)

ps: fox 5 is THE best news broadcast in new york. hands down.

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4 Responses to workspace and to do lists…

  1. terica says:

    how much you payin’?

  2. young h says:

    far as assistants go, i dont wanna rely on anyone but me to get it done since it’ll fall on me if they fuck up anyway

    at least for the time being.

  3. bananaclipse says:

    you record wit a mic right? cuz the comp mic’s be wiggity WACK

  4. boom says:

    i’m partial to to-do lists. there’s something so satisfying about crossing things off

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