Laura’s Song…

slow motion makes ANYTHING look epic…

so yeah i figured out why my blog died, its because i vowed not to talk about don cusack and by sayin that i pretty much vowed not to talk about ANYTHING im doing lmao. whoops! well i just wanted to be sure i wasnt speaking too soon.  but since the album is WELL underway (more on the status later) i guess i can begin to give up some goods. only problem is how do i distill information about a project i am KNEE deep in without hours of backstory? i guess i just jump right in…

long story short this is the first in a series of videos to accompany the project. we began filming today and its looking great, as you can see in the above clip. we still got a few more days of filming to coordinate before we go into post production with it and the song is not mixed yet so theres still alot left to be done. im pretty excited tho…

oh and i guess i should mention that the song we are shooting for is ‘laura’s song’. its kinda the title track in the sense that it explains the movie, or rather the adapted version of the film. its basically the remake and the theme of the video is very literal. its pretty muhc a straightforward interpretation of the songs lyrics and the movie itself.

okay lemme go crack open these .zips that ced hughes and spec boogie just sent over… be excited, be very excited. more later!

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9 Responses to Laura’s Song…

  1. Dee Phunk says:

    Wow, so Astronote did this beat? CUH-RAY-ZEEEEEE. Well u already know I’m looking forward to this. U should make it mandatory to peep the movie b4 listening to the album.

  2. mcdayjob says:

    yeah man i have been sittin on this beat for a year and some change LOL. im surprised he still is lettin me use it…

    what you know about astronote anyway? you be up on thangs for real lol

  3. CanelaNYC says:

    fly! i can’t wait for this album to come out son!

    question: skits – will there be any and will any of them be the “elitist” skit from HF?


  4. mcdayjob says:

    um im still tryna figure out how to handle the skits w/out being corny the album has enough glue as is BUT i got a killer idea ill prolly use

    the real dilemna is i need like 3 more girls to be in the video :/

  5. angie says:


  6. Michelé says:

    Loooooookin’ forward to this.

  7. thatdudedave says:

    cool…new music coming

  8. Dynamiks says:

    Wooord up!

    I can’t wait to hear this shit, man. I’m amped up.

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