Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 1


Dublin, Ireland

Woke up early to shower and went to the local store for coffee and wi fi. Internet is my lifeblood and I can’t live without it (bloglife) so I gotta get a signal or else.

The first show was last night and the crowd was dope. Had a few hard core fans on the house and they were really cool folks. I like talking to fans when it’s not a crowded venue because the interaction feels more human. Like we both just there chillin with no pressure. The sound at the venue was amazing too and from what I hear Ali shaheed agrees.

The toilet in this hotel has a pump flush which is a new one by me. Random I know. All in all it’s off to a good start and I’m having a pretty good time. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the Jameson factory.

Okay gotta go make the van call time before i get left. Follow me on instagram to get photo updates.

*I didn’t think to do this tour log on day 1 so unfortunately you don’t get to hear about my 6 hr flight with free booze or my 9 hr layover in Frankfurt. Maybe later…

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One Response to Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 1

  1. Olc says:

    Wait, so what kinda flush do they have in the US?

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