Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 3


Remember yesterday when I said I woke up and it was call time? Well somewhere between waking up, repurposing my undergarments and leaving I helped the Bodega Brovas shoot a video which I also appeared in.

We are now on our way to Cork and I just got schooled on gypsys. Those dudes are fucking hardcore. I hope I dont run into them out here. I’m excited to see Cork though.

We spent the day walking around Cork only to eat at McDonalds which breaks the local flava rule but whatever, I spent under 5 € so I’m good.

The show itself was amazing and the crowd definitely was glad to have us. I really have been enjoying interacting with the fans on this trip and they seem to just as excited to see us. That’s been the coolest part.

We didn’t go to the Jameson factory which hurts my alcoholic heart but I have had more than enough pints and shots to make up for it. The pavilion staff showed so much love man, it was awesome.

We left the show to go straight to the airport so that we could make our 6am flight to Norwich and link up with Souls Of Mischief. Ireland definitely set a high standard for this run and that’s no bullshit at all.

There is some very bad music on Irish radio. Von dubbed it Romano wave cus the guy singing sounded like ray Romano. We haven’t slept and delirium is setting in. Probably wont sleep until we get to Norwich at 9am. This airport is crazy, shits like a bus terminal without the rats.

Lemme finish repacking and board this flight.

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One Response to Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 3

  1. Levon S. says:

    Lol at your alcoholic heart and Von’s Ray Romano comparison. Souls of Mischief linkup??? Dope..

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