Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 4


Norwich pronounced ‘nahr-ich’

Ryanair is the fucking chinabus of the airlines. Long story short we came extremely close to missing our flight, incurring a 110€ fee for a new flight and possibly a 50€ fee for a checked bag. Now gone head and currency convert that then come back and tell me how FML that would have been, all because we didn’t read the fine print regarding US customers. Oh and did I mention that we were hours early for our flight? LULZ

Fortunately we made our flight though and while their customer service absolutely sucked our original flights didn’t go to waste.

For what its worth i guess running top speed through Dublin’s airport did serve as excellent cardio though.

I haven’t been to sleep since I woke up to the bodega video shoot I was telling you about yesterday and not only is the sun up but so is my heart rate is from all that running. Imma close my eyes for for a second and try to calm down. The silver lining is that we have loads of time to kill before tonight’s show.


And we killed that time squaring away a botched van reservation then finding a hotel. The actual silver lining was that they didn’t have enough double rooms so they just have me and Von our own single rooms.

The show was great. Packed house and they all were super involved. It all sort of becomes a blur at some point and I feel like last night was that point. We were with souls of mischief last night and we gonna be rocking with them again for 2 more shows. Should be a great time.

I guess I need to shake this hangover off and get ready for the next city.

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