Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 12



Spent the entire day doing touristy shit in places that I can barely spell and definitely can’t pronounce. I had so much fun and can say that I left Paris a bit inspired.

It made all the stress of anything else go away and was a very cool cap to a very long tour. I feel like I need to kinda make Paris a bit more regular to be honest and I see why people do, it’s a great city.

I’m on a plane now en route to Dublin to begin my journey home which will go as follows:

Plane to Dublin – Plane to Frankfurt – Plane to JFK – Cab to Bed Stuy

All I want out of life when I touch down in Ireland is some fish n chips and wi fi. We were supposed to hit the studio in Dublin but our stay is too short to get anything done so it’s gonna be a chill night. Imma try and sort out a bit of personal business if possible but I’m terrified of international calling.

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2 Responses to Modega Euro Tour Diary Day 12

  1. Asim says:

    Yo brah i just wanna say you’re a damn good writer… I’ll read one post then end up going through archives to see what led up to the most recent post… also waiting for that LP to drop this Summer. pEACE.

  2. Levon S. says:

    Fish n chips in Ireland… That’s what I’m talking about. I shoulda gave you $5 so you could buy me some chocolate in Paris.

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