I understand why Johnny Cash shot somebody in Reno

The song says he did it just to watch the guy die and I know its not nice to talk down on towns you are playing but for the life of me I can’t figure out what there is to do here that doesn’t involve a casino. Maybe he shot the dude just so he could have something to do cus that sounds like some supreme bored nigga shit right there. This is becoming a weird tangent.
 I also don’t know anybody that lives here so that could be the reason why I haven’t ever really got to do much outside of drink and take pictures of the Reno sign. I did stumble upon a pretty cool river while looking for food this morning but other than that its dead around these parts.

I need somebody to sell me on Reno. There has got to be a local out there somewhere that is going to read this and be like ‘oh shit you can’t talk bad about my city’ and when that thought crosses your mind leave a comment to help me fall in love with this place.



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