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READ: $5.58

Today I was stuck in manhattan for a few hours and as I wandered around aimlessly I was wondering how to break my $10 bill. I keep myself on a pretty tight budget so for not so much fun as … Continue reading

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Sorta like looking around a big dark empty warehouse for a light switch only to discover that the bulb is burned out and you have to find the one working replacement bulb that is subsequently buried in one of seveeral … Continue reading

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Happy Me

“Red Cassette” Edition Brooklynati Hat x White/Cement Jordan 3 Retro

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Happy Holidays are optional… if you’re into that kinda thing.

Via Illdoctrine Man the homie J Smooth has hit so many nails on the head with his video blog. He needs a show on Current TV or some shit, syndicate this man! Christmas is cool. I usually say I hate … Continue reading

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don’t you… ev-ah… get too… comf-tuuh-buuhl… (c) babyface

Hello, young lovers whoever you are. I hope your troubles are few. All of my good wishes go with you tonight. Yeah I’ve been in love like you. Be brave young lovers and follow your star. Be brave be faithful … Continue reading

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Dear T-Mobile… [The Saga Begins]

anybody who knows me knows how much i depend on my phone. it is one of the most important things i own for a number of reasons so it should come as no surprise that when i my service started … Continue reading

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