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i wont lie i laughed

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Talk Talk – Its My Life (UK Version)

in looking for no doubts version i discovered that it was a cover thanks to ampersand jones. this video is weird as fuck but the song still kicks ass. i like gwen and nems version still tho

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i DARE you to name a bad song with fallin in the title

wonder what was on his ipod So while playin this jaspects album i noticed something, if a song is titled fallin or has falling in the title its always a great song. Dont believe me? Lets look at a few: … Continue reading

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dom (21:40): this dude is CRUSHING the internet, man. dom (21:40): like, KILLING the internet. dom (21:40): he’s gonna be huge. dom (21:40): we should send him some TM t-shirts. don (21:41): nigga what is this? don (21:41): he aint … Continue reading

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best video on youtube hands down

when he gets to the hook all hell breaks loose, the second hook is even better i highly recommend his rendition of bobby brown’s get away and robin thicke’s wanna love you girl but with 42 videos to pick from … Continue reading

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Bell Biv DeVoe – Word to the mutha

the bootcity remix lp had JAMS on it nigga. jams. but thats not why im posting this. im posting this because for some saingin ass niggas bobby and ralph KILLED their verses… killed i miss dressing this way and not … Continue reading

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Barack and Michelle on election night okay seriously this is why i think Obama is dope. the guy has a flickr page. not photos tagged barack obama, not a fan compilation of photos, a Barack Obama profile on flickr. this … Continue reading

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